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CCPC: Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts

July 2020

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has produced guidelines to assist businesses in navigating contractual terms outlining potential pitfalls for consumers. 

The unforeseen nature of the COVID-19 situation has brought about unprecedented circumstances and, as a result, businesses may be considering changing the terms and conditions in their standard form contracts, particularly in relation to cancellations, rescheduling and refunds.

The CCPC is concerned that businesses may change or add additional terms and conditions in existing consumer contracts, without advance notification to consumers or an opportunity for them to exit the contract without penalty if they do not wish to accept the business’ proposed change.  

Seeking to bind existing consumers to new or amended terms without the consumer’s agreement, constitutes an unfair commercial practice under the Consumer Protection Act 2007

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By Judy de Castro - Regulatory Consultant