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Section 35 The Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Act 2021 Commencement of section 888A of the Companies Act 2014

May 2023

With effect from 23rd April 2023, there is a new requirement to furnish Personal Public Service (“PPS”) number or Verified Identity Number (“VIN”) when filing the following forms with the Companies Registration Office (“CRO”):
  • Form A1 – incorporation of a new company
  • Form B1 – annual return
  • Form B10 / B69 – notifying a change of director

The requirement protects both the integrity of the registration of businesses and the misuse of director identities.

The CRO will verify the director's first name, surname, date of birth and PPS number submitted by crosschecking the information against data held by the Department of Social Protection (“DSP”).

PPS numbers, RBO numbers and VINs will not be accessible on the public register.

In accordance with Section 888A(2) of Companies Act 2014, any person who, without just cause, fails to comply shall be guilty of a Category 4 offence which can result in a fine of up to €5,000.