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Central Bank of Ireland: Response to the Funds Sector 2030 Review

October 2023

The Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) has issued a response to the Department of Finance Funds Sector 2030 Review in which they set out five priority areas critical to the future development of the investment funds sector in Ireland:

1) Delivering positive outcomes for the domestic economy and investors
  • Securing investor interests.
  • Ensuring good governance and customer focus in the sector.
  • Enabling investors to access well regulated products that meet their savings and investment needs.
  • Ensuring that funds deliver value for investors.
  • Improving financial literacy and education.
  • Realising the full potential of the sector as a source of alternative financing for the real economy and SMEs.

2) Developing a Macro-Prudential framework for investment funds
  • Monitoring and managing risks to financial stability.
  • Developing a macroprudential framework for investment funds.
  • Engaging with international organisations and other national authorities to coordinate efforts.

3) Maintaining Regulatory Effectiveness
  • Ensuring that the regulatory framework remains up to date and effective.
  • Identifying important sectoral features and trends and developing appropriate policy and regulatory responses (delegation/sectoral change).
  • Supporting international policy and development and sharing our expertise and knowledge.

4) Sustainable Finance
  • Supporting new product development and innovation.
  • Ensuring the delivery of high quality ESG products.
  • Supporting the sector’s contribution to carbon neutrality.
  • Protecting investors against greenwashing.

5) Digital Transformation
  • Encouragement and support for innovators and innovative products and services.
  • Supporting efforts to develop new use cases for digitisation and tokenisation.
  • Managing emerging risks.

Read the full response here.