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Data Protection Commission (DPC) calls for submissions regarding data processing for children, deadline for submissions is 31.03.2021

January 2021

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has drafted The Fundamentals for a Child-Oriented Approach to Data Processing. These have been drawn up to ensure there are improvements in standards of data processing regarding children’s data and introduce child-specific data protection interpretative principles.

There are also recommended measures that are designed to improve the level of protection afforded to children against the data processing risks. The Fundamentals have been informed by the output of the two-streamed public consultation which the DPC ran during the first half of 2019.

All interested parties have until 31st of March 2021 to make their submissions. Submissions may be made via email or post.

For full details see link:

Children Front and Centre: Fundamentals for a Child-Oriented Approach to Data Processing

By: Eilish Larkin