RegSol Blog

Going Back to School

September 2020

For the next couple of months, we hope that our clients and our colleagues are transitioning to some level of normality as our children go back to school. 

For many, September will mark new beginnings, not only for those starting primary or secondary school but school will mean following new rules, new procedures and protocols, not sharing pencils or lunch boxes but keeping a distance and staying in a bubble or a pod. In the world of regulatory compliance these experiences got us thinking about culture, compliance, ethics, and good risk management. 

Similar to a change in procedures following the introduction of new laws or regulations, both scenarios require a clear understanding of what those rules mean, what impact they will have, how to implement them and how to monitor the effectiveness of controls designed to ensure compliance. Filling in forms, ticking boxes and training exercises are all well and good, but are they effective and do they change people’s behaviours and patterns of habit? 

A good culture of compliance requires good and visible leadership by example, positive reinforcement and encouragement through performance management and monitoring and finally the key ingredient is “buy in.” The belief that rules and regulations are enhancing and protecting our companies and our jobs is really what motivates us. 

The classroom may be a changed place but following the rules with conviction is something we will all have to do if we wish to embed changes.

By Judy de Castro
Regulatory Consultant