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Central Bank of Ireland Launches its New Strategy

November 2021

A new strategy document was published by the Central Bank this month. The document was finalised in September of 2021 and is effective from January 2022. It is designed to ensure that the Central Bank of Ireland, can “meet the challenges of a changing world and deliver on our mission and vision.”

The new strategy focuses on four themes – Future-focused, Open & Engaged, Transforming and Safeguarding. 
  1. Future-Focused – there is emphasis on technological innovation, climate transition, geopolitical change, and developments arising in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Open & Engaged – listening to stakeholders and build dialogue.
  3. Transforming – emphasis on agility in a new working model. Data and technology have a role here too.
  4. Safeguarding – this theme looks at managing resources, risks, and priorities.

For a copy of the full strategy, please see the link below:
Central Bank: Strategic Plan

By: Eilish Larkin - Regulatory Consultant