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Pandemic Impact – It’s the little things!

August 2020

Here in Roscommon, it is something similar in terms of the roller coaster of emotions mentioned by Judy.  Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of life and changed most experiences.  There is no such thing as a quick trip to the shop for a few bits and pieces.  

Queues (which I associated with Dublin) and hand sanitiser are everywhere, not to mention masks.   Smaller premises have signs on the door limiting the number of customers that can be inside at any one time.  The easing of restrictions has allowed me to meet all the RegSol team last week in person while following all the guidelines.  

In addition to the challenges completing everyday tasks such as shopping there is the added use of technology which brings its own issues.  The advances that have been made mean a lot of people can work remotely and “Zoom calls” are a key part of keeping in touch for business and in personal life.  On the flip side, the pandemic has been a paradise for many scam artists as not everyone is up to speed regarding the dos and don’ts of technology.  

As I settle back into life in the West (having joined RegSol and left Dublin mid pandemic) I look forward to working with the team and meeting new and existing clients in the “new normal”.  The new desk looks out over fields and trees and my washing line, all I need now is some more sunshine!!!

By Éilish Larkin - Regulatory Consultant