RegSol e-Learning Courses and Training Portal

Industry-specific, Localised Content

  • A common complaint with online training is that it is often too generic. All of our content and courses are developed in-house, which allows us to tailor modules quickly and efficiently.

  • Our courses are created specifically for industries and organisations based in Ireland.

  • Organisations are provided with their own private branded portal which allows administrators (HR, Compliance, IT, management, etc) to setup/remove users, assign courses to users and track progress against various courses.
  • Tailoring options include industry standard, addition of company-specific policies, branding/co-branding.

  • Bulk creation of users and automatic assignment of courses is also supported.

Key Aspects of RegSol e-Learning Courses

  • We develop interactive courses which encourage users to engage with the content and learn it fully, without employing tricks which often only serve to frustrate users.

  • All courses can be completed on desktop or tablet platforms. We find that the content is too detailed for mobile devices and interactivity suffers if it is simplified.

  • For each course, users are required to both complete every section and also pass a quiz (pass mark is set at 80% unless otherwise stated).

  • Our pricing model is based on number of licences. One licence entitles one user to access one course for a duration of one year.

Administrator Login View

  • Assign a person within your organisation to track the progress of your courses and users. This is normally someone in HR, Training or the MLRO.

  • Users can be added individually or we can assist in bulk uploading and assigning courses.

  • Easy to view panels show a snapshot of your users at any given moment.

  • With the ability to set automated reminders and create progress reports at any time, it has never been easier to monitor staff training progress.

Learner Login View

  • Individual users have their own personalised login and homepage only showing their assigned courses.

  • Easy to view progress bars along the bottom of each course, making it easier to see what courses are still outstanding.

  • Users can track their own progress and access their certificates of attendance as long as their licence is valid with a clear dropdown menu.

Downloadable Certificates

As standard, all our courses are courses are accredited by the:
  • Institute of Bankers
  • Institute of Insurance
  • LIA (Life Insurance Association)
All courses are created to meet the Central Bank’s Minimum Competency Code requirements.

Certificates of completion contain all information for users to log their hours with their accrediting body and can be downloaded at any time during the life of their licence.

To discuss your organisation’s specific e-Learning needs, please contact us at or call us on +353 1 539 4884.